The Tin Moon – Stephen Lacey


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Jimmy Smith runs like the wind, sings like an angel and wears a gas mask in his father’s valiant. He knows the winner of every Melbourne Cup, eats Choo Choo Bars and tends to his ant farm. Jimmy lives with his extended family in the country village of Point Henry. It’s 1969. Neil Armstrong has just landed on the moon and the Vietnam War is raging on TV sets across the world. But Jimmy is concerned with matters closer to home – the city people are coming, bringing their pole houses and cul-de-sacs with them. When they’re not wreaking havoc on the village and its people, Jimmy and his friends are trying to make sense of parents, teachers and hippies who live in a bus on the waterfront. What a great Australian read! Sad, poignant and also very funny. You may have lived this childhood!



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