The Rock Rats – Ben Bova


Pre-loved 2002 edition in very good condition as pictired, just some minor black texta markings across the pages (not on covers or spine)

Ben Bova’s second installment in the Asteroid Wars series continues his trademark style, with caricatured characters in a classic Greek dramatic structure duking it out against a high-tech, Libertarian-influenced, future-history backdrop. Billionaire jerk and womanizer Martin Humphries stirs the pot again, overcoming attempts to oust him from the Selene moon base. His grip on Humphries Space Systems and its economic scheming remains as tight as ever, but he still desires two things: control of the asteroid belt’s rich resources and, of course, possession of the ever-elusive Amanda What’s-her-name at the expense of likeable alpha male number two, gruff prospector Lars Fuchs. (“One look at Amanda’s innocent blue eyes and full-bosomed figure and any man would be wild to have her.”

We’re left to guess as to whether the “wide-eyed,” “lusciously curved” Amanda has any other qualities, desirable or otherwise.) For Bova fans, Rock Rats has it all–cool technology, whip-fast action, and choreographed intrigue–and this installment certainly ups the ante in the series.

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