Girl One – Sara Flannery Murphy


The inventiveness of The Power meets the intensity of The Girls- an exploration of power, ambition and the bonds between women Eighteen women down to two, two down to…. Girl One. The world knows them as ‘The Homestead Girls’. Nine women who raised nine ‘miracle babies’ on an experimental commune in rural America. But after a suspicious fire at the ranch kills both the doctor behind the pioneering experiment and one of the youngest of the girls, the mothers and their children are scattered across the country, some embracing the media spotlight, others refusing to talk about it.

Now years later, Josephine Morrow, aka Girl One, is studying medicine, following in the footsteps of her beloved mentor, when she is called home to discover that her mother has vanished, while her house has been trashed. If Josie is to find her, and find her alive, she will need to track down her estranged sisters and finally confront the secrets of their dark past before it is too late.

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