About Us

A Small Wollongong Business Driven by Passion and Purpose

Let’s start with the obvious: we love books. We’ve been reading since the 1980s and we’re not planning on stopping anytime soon.

We started Twenty Books because we wanted to recreate the feel of a small bookstore, where there may not be the biggest range but you know what’s there has been picked with care. To start with you will only find around twenty books per category on the site, although we’re adding stuff all the time.

We are able to order books from all the major Australian Publishers including (but not limited to) Penguin, Random House and Harper Collins to name three.

We also want to pay things forward. Twenty percent of profits will be going to two charities: Smith Family Learning for Life and Kiva. Do check them both out.

Please drop us a line if you’d like us to find a book for you, or anything else really. We plan on being here a while, and for that to happen we need great readers like you. So, welcome!